Graduated PhD Students

Graduate Name Dissertation Workplace
2003 Bin Xu (Co-Advisor) Treatment of Raw Water of Huangpu River with Suspended Packing Bed and Dynamic Simulation Study Tongji University
2004 Tianyan Huang (Co-Advisor) The advanced compact wastewater treatment technology based on the chemical-biological flocculation and suspended medium bioreactor Suzhou University of Science and Technology
2006 Zhibin Zhang (Co-Advisor) Analysis on Mechanism of Chemical-Biological Flocculation & Suspended Medium Bioreactor Process to Treat Municipal Wastewater Shandong Jianzhu University
2006 Yingfu Rao Study on Automatic Control of Chemical Biological Flocculation – Suspended Medium Bioreactor Process Shanghai Lingang Innovation Center
2006 Feng Wang Study on Function and Character of Nitrifying Bacteria in Sewage Treatment Processes Tongji University
2007 Hongbo Liu Enhanced Denitrifying Phosphorus Removing of Low Strengh Municipal Wastewater Treatment—Process Development and Mechanisms Study on the Parallel AN/AO Process University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
2008 Zhiqiang Zhang Development and Application of Two Environmental Biotechnologies: Microbial Flocculant and Conductometric Tongji University
2008 Jifeng Guo Study on the Performance of Treating Surfactants Wastewater and Membrane Fouling of Submerged Membrane Bioreactor Chang’an University
2008 Junying Li Study on the performance and mechanism of novel integrated biofilm reactor Endress Hauser Group Company
2009 Liang Duan Effect of Sludge Retention Time on the Microbial Community and Fouling in a Membrane Bioreactor Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
2009 Yanhao Zhang Study on Hydrogen-based Membrane Biofilm Reactor for removing oxidized contaminants in the groundwater Shandong Jianzhu University
2010 Jixiang Li Study on the Performance and Microbial Community in the New Material Membrane Bioreactors Treating Municipal Wastewater Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SARI-CAS)
2011 Kang Xie Study on the Performance and Microbial Community in Membrane Bioreactors Treating Salinity Contained Municipal Wastewater University of Jinan
2011 Renyong Jia Performance and Microbial Community of Membrane Bioreactors Treating Antibiotics-Containing Municipal Wastewater Shanghai Urban Construction Design Research Institute
2011 Haixiang Li Removal of Oxidized Contaminants from Drinking Water Using a Hydrogen-based Membrane Biofilm Reactor Guilin University of Technology
2012 Ning Yan Study on degradation of organic by means of bioprocess intimately coupled UV irradiation Shanghai Normal University
2013 Wei Jiang Application of Novel Biofilm Reactor and Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment China Resources Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
2014 Awoke Guadie Sustainable Nutrient Recovery and Removal from Wastewater using a Novel Fluidized Bed Reactor-Membrane Bioreactor (FBR-MBR) Combo System Arba Minch University, Ethiopia
2015 Xiaoyin Xu Study on Hydrogen-basesd Membrane Biofilm Reactor for Removing Selected Oxidized Contaminants in Water Shanghai Honess Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd
2016 Zuowei Wang The removal performances of Nitrate and perchlorate in different types of hydrogen based biofilm reactors Shenzhen Nanshan District Environmental Protection And Water Authority
2016 Lijie Zhou Effects of Ca(II) and Nano TiO2 Particles on the Performance and Membrane fouling of Membrane Bioreactor Shenzhen University
2017 Zaoli Gu The Study on Technologies for Sludge Energy Utilization and Follow-up Treatment——Sludge-based MFC and Nitritation-ANAMMOX Tongji University
2018 Yun Zhou Study on the Key Technologies for the Resource of Two Kinds of Biomass Waste: Waste Activated Sludge and Synechocystis Huazhong Agricultural University
2019 Yifeng Yang The Study on the Combination of Immobilization technology and Partial Nitritation-ANAMMOX Process Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute
2019 Min Long Study on Membrane Biofilm Reactor (MBfR) for Removing Chromate (Cr) and chlorophenols in Water Arizona State University, US
2020 Ying Liu Study on Resource and Reduction of Waste Activated Sludge Based on Extracellular Polymeric Substances Ningbo University
2021 Zhihao Niu The Enhancement of an Anammox Membrane Bioreactor and the Effect of Nanoparticles towards its Performance Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment
2021 Xiaodong Zhang Opportunistic pathogen risks and factors governing their regrowth in stored rainwater Shanghai Municipal Investment (Group) Corporation
2022 Chengyang Wu Study on Biogenic Palladium coupled with Membrane Biofilm Reactor (Pd-MBfR) for Removing Typical Oxidizing Contaminants in Water University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
2023 Zuobin Wang Enhanced (bio)electrochemical recovery of ammonia nitrogen from sewage by hydrophobic microporous membrane coupling cathode and anode electrodes CCCC Dredging Technology and Equipment National Engineering Research Center Co., Ltd.
2023 Si Pang Study on partial denitrification and its coupling with anammox in hydrogen matrix membrane biofilm reactor Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences
2023 Xiang Cai Investigation of nitrogen removal efficiency and membrane fouling characteristics in a planktonic Anammox membrane bioreactor Zhejiang Normal University
2024 Lin Yang the synergistic degradation and interaction mechanism of typical antibiotics and nitrates in hydrogen based membrane biofilm reactors


Graduated Master Students

Graduate Name Dissertation Workplace
2000 Xuejiang Wang Study on the treatment of petrochemical wastewater using moving bed biofilm reactor with suspended filler Tongji University
2002 Chaosen Jing (Co-Advisor) Optimization of Sewage Treatment Process for the Shanghai Zhuyuan Sewage Treatment Plant No.1 Shanghai Fusen Environmental Technology Development Co. Ltd
2003 Zhiping Wu Optimization of Chemical Biological Flocculation and Suspension Packing Bed Combination Process Shanghai Environmental Protection Co., Ltd
2005 Yan Shi (Co-Advisor) Analysis of community structure in chemical and biological flocculation wastewater treatment process Shanghai Water Authority
2005 Min Xu Pilot Study on Rapid and Efficient Treatment of Municipal Sludge
2005 Jian Jiang Auto-control System Design of Chemical Biological Flocculation-Suspended Packing Bed Wastewater Treatment Process CISDI Engineering Co. Ltd. of MCC Group
2006 Wen Zhang Study on the degradation characteristics of chlorphenols and analysis of the related microbial community New Jersey Institute of Technology, US
2006 Yibo Chen Study on the Advanced Treatment and Reuse for the Effluent from Chemical Biological Flocculation Wastewater Treatment Process Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau
2006 Song Yu Optimization Study on Automatic Control of Chemical Biological Flocculation-Suspended Packing Bed Process for Municipal Sewage Treatment
2006 Yanhang Teng Research on Phosphorous Release at Water Fluctuation Zone of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
2006 Jubo Hu Research on Remote Sensing Based Water Quality Monitoring Models in Huangpu River Upstream Waters
2007 Dianjun Ren Immobilisation of TiO2 for Combined Photocatalytic-Biological Endocrine Disruptor Compounds Degradation - Bisphenol A
2007 Rui Dai Application of 16S rDNA Molecular Biotechnology in Analysis of Community Structure of Phosphate Removal Bacteria AECOM
2007 Yecheng Hu Studies on the Enhanced Suspended Medium & Activated Sludge Bioreactor Process to Treat Municipal Sewage
2008 Aming Yang Study on Development and Application of High-efficiency Microbial Flocculant TJ-F1 Shanghai Fudan Water Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
2009 Xiaodong Qiu Study on AmOn Integrative Process Equipped with Jet Aerator for Domestic Wastewater Treatment Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute
2009 Hongning Zhao Study on toxicity assessment performance of CellSense biosensor based on new toxic strains Changning District Environmental Monitoring Station
2009 Shengnan Xu Experimental research on mixed sewage and rain water treatment by membrane processes Shantou University
2010 Hao Tong Study on Advanced Treatment of Municipal Sewage with Combined Process of Ultrafiltration Membrane Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute
2010 Xue Ning Preparation and Application of sludge-based activated carbon Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau
2010 Fohua Zhong Biodegradation of Chromate (VI) and 2-Chlorophenol from Groundwater Using Hydrogen-based Membrane Biofilm Reactor Tianhua Architecture Planning & Engineering Ltd.
2010 Ximing Ding Study on the Cyanophage Micro-ecological Mechanism in the Eutrophication Water Treatment Process North China Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute
2011 Xin Yang Biodegradation of Bromate from Drinking Water Using Hydrogen-based Membrane Biofilm Reactor Changsha Furong District Committee Organization Department
2011 Zhangzhuo Liu Comparative study of urban sewage treatment process with examples of SBR and MBR processes in France and China Veolia Environmental Service China Limited
2011 Xiaojia Wang Study on Methods of Controlling Membrane Fouling in Membrane Bioreactors Australia
2012 Yanjun Zhang Extraction of microbial flocculant from excess sludge Shanghai Greenment Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
2012 Han Xia Removal of Bisphenol A in Wastewater by Anaerobic / Oxic Membrane Bioreactor Changchun Housing Security and Real Estate Management Bureau
2012 Shali Zhu Pilot and Demonstration Project Study on Membrane Bioreactor Treating Wastewater of Water Town Shanghai Urban Construction Design Research Institute
2012 Danfeng Jing Pilot study on performance nitrogen and phosphorus removal and membrane pollution in Membrane bioreactor Wuxi Municipal Design and Research Institute
2013 Jun Liang Removal of Se(VI) from Groundwater Using a Hydrogen-based Membrane Biofilm Reactor Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd
2013 Xiangrong Li Producing microbial flocculant from excess sludge by aerobic fermentation Shanghai Huanke Environmental Assessment Consulting Co., Ltd.
2013 Ming Zhao Optimization Study on Treatment Processes of Piggery Biogas Slurry Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute
2013 Qing Hu Pilot Study on Reversed A2/O-MBR Process for Municipal Wastewater Treatment under Two Kinds of Reflux Method China Shipbuilding NDRI Engineering Co., Ltd
2014 Shuang Shen Removal of Arsenate from Groundwater Using a Hydrogen-based Membrane Biofilm Reactor Haimen Environmental Protection Bureau
2014 Xiuxiu Zhou Study on Microbial Fuel Cell with Excess Sludge as Substrate for the treatment of Cr(VI)-Containing Wastewater South China Institute of Environmental Science. MEP
2014 Biao Ye Study on Treatment Processes of Landfill Leachate by MAP/Fenton/MBR Shanghai PDAD Research Institute Co., Ltd.
2014 Liang Feng Performance of MAP/MBR combined processes for treatment of piggery biogas slurry Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute
2015 Xiaoxuan Hao nalysis and optimization of electron donors in anaerobically fermented sludge used as the substrate of microbial fuel cell CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd
2015 Chenhui Wang Bioreduction of Chromate and Bromate in Water Using Carbon Dioxide-Hydrogen-based Membrane Biofilm Reactor City Development Environment Co., Ltd.
2016 Huiqun Xiao Study on Treatment Processes of Landfill Leachate by MAP-activated carbon reinforced MBR Nanjing Sinosoft Technology Co., Ltd
2016 Siyu Pan Utilizing Biofilm Reactor to achieve Aerobic Methane Oxidation coupled Denitrification No. 704 Research Institute, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
2016 Zhiwei Tao Performance of MBR process for treatment of piggery biogas slurry East China Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd
2017 Xiaoxiao Yang Bioreduction of oxidized contaminants from industrial wastewater using hydrogen/carbon dioxide membrane aeration biofilm reactor Tongji University
2017 Huizhen Guo Performance and membrane fouling mechanism of MBR process in treating piggery biogas slurry Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd
2017 Heng Yang Study on treatment of leachate from solid waste incineration plant by combined process China Water Environment Group Limited
2018 Jun Du Enhancement of anaerobic ammonia oxidation in membrane bioreactor by tw0 different carriers Zhejiang Urban & Rural Planning Design Institute
2018 Yuwei Xie Bioreduction of chromeate in water using biogenic Pd nanoparticles-hydrogen-based membrane biofilm reactor Shanghai Airport (Group) Co., Ltd
2019 Jingyi Xu Study on Start-up and Operation of Anammox System and Characteristics of Bacterial Community Using Intergrated Fixed-film Membrane Bioreactor (IF-MBR) Environmental Protection Agency of Hangzhou
2019 Yajun Ran Bioreduction of atrazine from groundwater using carbon dioxide/hydrogen-based membrane biofilm reactor Chongqing Tongji Research Institute
2019 Wei Zhang Study on water quality protection of rooftop rainwater and ecological storage pond CCCC National Engineering Research Center of Dredging Technology and Equipment Co., Ltd.
2020 Jian Mao Study on Factors Affecting Roof Rainwater Quality in Southern Community and Runoff Rainwater Ecological Storage CCTEB Investment
2020 Siwen Xu Study on H2/CO2 Double Membrane Aeration Biofilm Reactor for Removing 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid in Water Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd
2021 Yuchun Qian Effects of storage temperature on characteristics of anammox biomass Suzhou Ecological Environment Bureau
2021 Luman Zhou Removal of 2, 4-Dichlorophenol in Water Using Biogenic Palladium Nanoparticles-Hydrogen-based Membrane Biofilm Reactor CCCC Shanghai Waterway Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd
2021 Fan Bi Research on safety exploration and control technology of urban community roof-harvested rainwater Jiangsu Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd.
2022 Anqi Wang Study on the effect mechanism of hexavalent chromium on the nitrogen removal performance of Anammox-MBR Shanghai Branch of Agricultural Development Bank of China
2022 Yunmu Zhang Study on Scaling and Scale Inhibition of Barium Ion in Membrane Treatment Process Treating Landfill Leachate Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute
2023 Haichen Xia Simulation and optimization verification of hydrocyclone sand removal effect Hubei Academy of Eco-Environmental Sciences
2023 Mengying Yao Removal of Sodium Diatrizoate in Water by Biological Palladium Coupled Hydrogen Matrix Membrane Biofilm Reactor Shenyang Federation of Trade Unions